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Academic Articles
 Gilliland, T.E., Sanchirico, J.N. and Taylor, J.E., (2019). An integrated bioeconomic local economy-wide assessment of the environmental impacts of poverty programs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (14) 6737-6742; 

Filipski, M., & Belton, B. (2018). Give a Man a Fishpond: Modeling the Impacts of Aquaculture in the Rural Economy. World Development, 110, 205–223.

Filipski, M., Aboudrare, A., Lybbert, T.J. and Taylor, J.E., (2017). Spice Price Spikes: Simulating Impacts of Saffron Price Volatility in a Gendered Local Economy-Wide Model. World Development, 91, pp.84-99;
Taylor, J.E., Filipski, M.J., Alloush, M., Gupta, A., Valdes, R.I.R. and Gonzalez-Estrada, E., (2016). Economic impact of refugees. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201604566;
Taylor, J.E., (2016). “Refugees Can Bolster a Region’s Economy.” Harvard Business Review, October 5;
Taylor, J.E., Thome, K. and Filipski, J., Local Economy-Wide Impact Evaluation of Social Cash Transfer Programmes (2016). Chapter 5 in B. Davis et al. (editors), From Evidence to Action: The Story of Cash Transfers and Impact Evaluation in Sub Saharan Africa. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
Manning, D.T., Taylor, J.E. and Wilen, J.E., 2015. General Equilibrium Tragedy of the Commons. Environmental and Resource Economics, pp.1-27;
Jonasson, E., Filipski, M., Brooks, J. and Taylor, J.E., 2014. Modeling the welfare impacts of agricultural policies in developing countries. Journal of policy Modeling, 36(1), pp.63-82.
Filipski, M.J., Taylor, J.E., Thome, K.E. and Davis, B., 2015. Effects of treatment beyond the treated: a general equilibrium impact evaluation of Lesotho's cash grants program. Agricultural Economics, 46(2), pp.227-243;
Thome, K., Filipski, M., Kagin, J., Taylor, J.E. and Davis, B., 2013. Agricultural spillover effects of cash transfers: What does LEWIE have to say?. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(5), pp.1338-1344;
Filipski, M. and Taylor, J.E., 2012. A simulation impact evaluation of rural income transfers in Malawi and Ghana. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 4(1), pp.109-129.
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